Exciting Changes For Peak Hockey in 2011!

Today is the day of a BIG announcement!  For the past seventeen years, we have invited and trained over 15,000 hockey players from throughout the world at our hockey camps in Minnesota. Now we are returning the favor and taking it on the road!  North America’s number one rated summer hockey camp is coming to a rink near you! The Peak Performance Hockey Camps will no longer run a boarding camp in Winona, Minnesota.

Why The Change?

  • Cost!   Boarding hockey camp costs are getting to be too expensive.  We cannot provide the quality training that you have come to expect for less than $1000.00 per week and that’s just too much money.
  • Schedule!  We are limited to only four or five weeks now at our university campus and we no longer can provide sessions for the different age levels that fit your needs.
  • Travel!  Although it’s great to get out of town and experience the boarding camp environment, we know the time, expense, and safety of getting from your home to our town has made travel an issue.
  • Convenience!  We want to provide camp sessions custom tailored to your needs.  We will be able to design a program that fits your desired timeframe and skill base and train not only the kids but your coaches as well!
  • Fundraising!  We have a program that not only will allow you to train and develop your hockey skills, but your hockey association will have an opportunity to raise money for your team as well!

Although change is sometimes difficult, we feel that this is a needed change and a great opportunity to continue to provide professional hockey skills training for players throughout the country. Check out our website to see how exciting it will be to have North America’s number one hockey skills training camp in your very own backyard!

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PPHC Featured on MTV’s MADE

Did you know Peak Performance Hockey Camps was featured on MTV’s hit show “MADE”! Here’s the intro from MTV: Cheerleader Courtney aspires to be an ice hockey player just like her brother but first she must learn the rules of the ice. If you didn’t see it, you can click here to watch the MTV MADE episode.

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